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How to be an ally

I created this because many people in the hockey world have been asking me what they should do to educate themselves and fight racism. Here you can find resources to support minorities and tools to educate yourself on systematic racism and biases.

This is a work in progress and I will continue to add relevant information and materials. 

This collection would not be possible without the hard work of Black creators and organizers who have put many of these resources together.

Jashvina (@icehockeystick)

  1. Educate yourself, your friends, your family and your community
  2. Listen to, amplify and support Black voices and causes
  3. Actively fight white supremacy, racism, police brutality and oppression
  4. Do NOT make this about yourself. 


Books, articles, videos and more that explain systemic racism and police brutality.


Steps that can be taken to support Black folx and actively fight systemic racism.


Donate to bail funds, Black organizations, support Black businesses and more.


– The Louisville Department of Justice shut down bail illegally and will keep protesters in jail without bond, indefinitely. Contact the department of justice here.